"Mental health matters."

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How We Chose Our Name

"Aspen & Oak"

The Mighty Oak

The oak is a living legend representing all that is true,  wholesome, stable, and noble

The oak's towering strength represents its ability to 

grow and expand, and is honored for its endurance and presence

When you are in need of stability and strength in your life, envision the oak in your minds eye

The Opportunistic Aspen

The aspen is a transformative tree, growing tall and welcoming change. It is symbolic of focus, awareness, transition, transformation, and connectivity

Aspens are commonly known as the 'family tree,' as they thrive surrounded by a community of like-trees rather than alone

When you are in need of focus and connection, spend time watching aspen leaves in action - loosen your body and mind, and really watch the magic in the leaves

Clouds, Trees, Streams

The School of Life

"...They are an image of patience and resolution... they've been knocked and hacked at... but they endure, as we might better learn to do through their example... 'enjoy these precious days,' 

whisper their leaves..."